—About Me—

Finally, You are here.

That means you are interested to know about me.

My love and interest in Jainism are what define the motive of this blog. It’s my pleasure to share the topics I read every day with you in simple English and Hindi languages.

How did I start writing?

I am not a born writer nor writing was my passion until I joined Quora. The few up-votes on Quora motivated me to write more and more. There were many unanswered questions on Jainism which took my attention. I saw some curious minds like me asking questions. Hence, I decided to continue sharing my knowledge on Jainism through my answers and this blog.

What do I aim to do in the field of Jainism?

Although the main aim of this life is to attain Samyaktv and perpetuate the teachings of Jainism inside, still I wish to serve Jainism throughout my life through my writings or my videos. I vision to do something that would be really helpful for the upcoming generations in terms of Jainism.

What are my contributions till now?

  • I have been actively answering Jainism-related questions on Quora English.
  • I have started this blog to share more of my writings and thoughts on Jainism.
  • I make contributions to the JinSwara community by adding bhakti and other content on the forum.
  • A small contribution in making videos on Jainism in English and Hindi can be found here.

How can you contact me?

You can email me directly at [email protected] or message me on Twitter or telegram @jaindivya.

Any Other Writings?

Sometimes I write technical stuff on Medium. If you want to read a story series by me, Wattpad is the right place.