—About Me—

Finally, You are here.

That means you are really interested to know about me.
Here are some random facts about me that appeared once on Quora Answer:

  • Smile: I smile a lot. You can make me smile even when I am angry at you. Sometimes people think that I am making fun of them. That creates a problem and I have to apologise. 🙂
  • Religion: I can do anything to follow my religion. I do not even listen to my mother when it comes to religion. I am very stubborn at it.
  • Music: Once I start listening songs and bhajans, I can continue it for a whole day. I am good at remembering lyrics.
  • Maa: I love my mother so much. I will always consider your mother more intelligent than you no matter what you are. Mother is always right for me.
  • Diet Conscious: I always read ingredients before eating anything. I love fruits and salads.
  • Homebody: I prefer being at home all time. I have been to only four cities till now including my hometown.
  • Love for Temples: If you give me choice between going abroad or Jain temple, I will choose the latter. I can remain for hours in the temple happily.
  • School Topper: I was the topper of my class continuously for 5 years from class 8th-12th. I did not know how did that happen. 😛
  • Narcissist: I can’t die for anyone. I, Me and Myself!!
  • Shopping: I hate shopping. I always tell my mother or friends to choose clothes for me. It would be better if they can go and buy it for me every time.
  • Self-Control: I have a very good control on my food habits and taste buds. If you eat my favorite sweets before me, even then I won’t mind.
  • Dreams: I want to own a house in my name and live a happy life. Not a luxurious one!
  • Helping Nature: I always help people happily. I don’t want to hurt anyone. This creates a problem for me sometimes.-_-
  • Quick Learner: Usually, I learn things in one go. Mathematics is my favorite subject.
  • Parties: I hate attending parties and weddings. I avoid interaction with relatives as much as I can. Showoff is so common these days.
  • Life is so beautiful: This is my favorite Quote.

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