How I Got Inspired By Pandit Todarmal Ji?

The other day I wished to read Moksh Marg Prakashak. Hence, I started reading its preface written by Dr. H. C. Bharill.

As I reached the middle reading about Pandit Pravar Todarmal Ji, my curiosity level to know about him had reached 200%. I could not stop reading about this great personality. I continued reading, signing along the verses written by him.

I read in the preface that there is a whole book on Pandit Shri Todarmal Ji. I wanted that book by any method. I asked in a WhatsApp group for the pdf. My soul could not wait for someone to see my message and send the pdf.

I instantly searched the book and downloaded it from ptst(dot)in. It was about 10 PM when I had the book in my laptop and mobile. Although I was tired from office and should have slept at 11 pm as usual, I continued reading the book till 1 AM on my phone. The more I read the book, the more I forgot about the outer world and felt connected with Pandit Ji.

I am so influenced by Pandit Todarmal Ji that I completed reading 200 pages in 2 days along with my job and other work. Whenever I read that Moksh Marg Prakashak is incomplete, I have some feeling of grief from inside. I would wonder what if he had completed this great book. Many what ifs come to my mind but I could do nothing other than continuing my reading.

. . .

Though Pandit Ji wrote these great books 200 years ago from now, yet he has written the solution to the current scenarios. How could someone be so apt about the thinking and actions of people after almost 200 years?

I have always been a fan of logical thinking. Those who have read Moksh Marg Prakashak would know the logic of Pandit Ji. I am sure no one can beat the logic he has given in his book. The way he has reasoned other religions fearlessly could only be done by someone who is so confident and well-versed after reading the books.

Pandit Todarmal Ji must have read hundreds of book before writing his own books. He had already used references from almost 69 books. This inspired me to read more and more Jinvani.
Pandit Ji wrote the books in the language spoken at that time. I adore his feelings of sharing the knowledge of Jainism for the benefit of people. I could only try my best to follow him by sharing my knowledge of Jainism in English for future generations.

Despite having ample knowledge and great popularity, Pandit Ji was so modest and humble towards everyone. This could be seen in the ‘Rahasyapuran Chitthi’ written by him as a reply to some questions. Following this quality of him will always keep me on the ground in the life.

I have always feared the mathematics of Jainism (Karnanuyog). I wonder why Pandit Ji chose to write ‘Samyag Gyan Chandrika’ explaining the mathematics of Jainism. There should be something marvelous hidden in this book which I could only find out by reading it.
If I had one wish in my life, I would have asked to be the student of Pandit Ji. Although he died years ago, his words are still alive in the form of his books. I could still learn from him by reading his books.

Acharyakalp Pandit Shri Todarmal Ji has fulfilled his responsibility of being a great teacher, now it’s my (our) turn to fulfill the responsibility of being his great student(s).

Here are some qualities of Pandit Ji as seen by me:

Todarmal Ji

Mentioned/Reference Books:

  1. Moksh Marg Prakashak
  2. Pandit Todarmal : Vyaktitv Or Kartatv
  3. Samyag Gyan Chandrika

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