Conversation of two intellects

Once a Lion and an Elephant met. Both knew the soul and hence, they conversed with happiness-

Lion: O elephant! Where did you attain enlightenment?

Elephant: O king of the forest! A group of Jain saints was going toward Shikhar Ji. I had self-realization on listening to the discourse of saint Shri Arvind from the group. O Lion, where did you had self-realization?

Lion: Two saints came from the sky. I attained enlightenment from their sermon. Brother Elephant! What will you be in the future?

Elephant: I will become the twenty-third Tirthankara, Parshwanath and will attain salvation. What will you become in the future, Lion?

Lion: I will attain liberation by becoming twenty-fourth Tirthankara, Mahaveera.

Yay! Both of them became happy on hearing to the conversation. We, readers also became happy on hearing to this.

Source: Jain Dharm ki Kahaniyan Part-2