Small Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Life

“Health is wealth.”

A famous saying which we have heard from our childhood. But are we really concerned about our health? Is our lifestyle healthy?

Everyone wants to stay healthy despite the busy life we are living. I have been studying Naturopathy for the last year. Through my studies, I came to know many small changes that lead to a healthy life. These changes are easy to adapt in our lives and once they become a habit, they improve our health miraculously.

Sharing some of the points here:

  1. As the name suggests “Naturopathy”, we need to be as close to nature as we can. Make earth, fire, water, sun, sky(air), your best friends.
  2. Do sunbathe for at least 15 mins daily. It should be taken in the early morning. In the winter season, you can sunbathe in the afternoon too. Make sure to not exceed the bath unless recommended or to not sit if your skin burns.
  3. Walk for at least 20-30 minutes every day. 
  4. Replace chips, oily foods/ snacks with dry/ wet coconut, dates, dry fruits, fruits. Foxnuts are a healthier version of popcorns.
  5. Use rock salt instead of sea salt while cooking.
  6. Try avoiding any packed foods or anything that is processed. Eat raw vegetables and fruits.
  7. If possible, do yoga and pranayam for 30 minutes daily.
  8. Throw away the refined oil and replace them with cold-pressed oils.
  9. Use Jaggery, sugar candy(mishri), or natural sweeteners like dates, raisins in place of refined sugar.
  10. Avoid snacking in between the meals. 
  11. Wear loose and cotton clothes that are healthy for your skin.
  12. In case of normal cough, cold or minor sickness, take soups and light food. If possible, eliminate grains at that time.
  13. Eat before sunset or at least 4 hours before you sleep at night.
  14. Do not trap yourself inside the house by closing all windows. Leave some windows open for fresh air.
  15. An adult should sleep at least 6-7 hours. Rest is important for the body to recharge itself.
  16. Drink lots of water. Never drink ice-cold water. Use clay pots to cool the water.
  17. Anything which was kept inside the refrigerator should be consumed after 40-45 minutes of getting it out of the refrigerator.
  18. Believe in your body. It has an amazing power which is called immunity to heal itself. Avoid medications for small illnesses like cough, cold, headaches. Giving your body time and support to heal itself is the medicine we require. 

Natural living has a lot to offer if we learn from it. Let me know if you want to learn more about natural ways of living and treatments we can do at home.