Jainism Basics: Where to start?

“Divya, where should I start learning Jainism from?”, a question often asked to me on Quora & other platforms. Sometimes non-Jain people get inspired by the stories or principles of Jainism. Sometimes Jain people want to gain knowledge of the religion they are born in. I love it when anyone gets curious to know this peaceful religion and invests their time towards it. I want to help them in every possible way I can. It’s fascinating to talk about Jainism more and more.

I am going to suggest some basic books, principles, and resources you can utilize to kick start your journey to liberation. Sorry, I know I talk a lot but let’s get started.

Books for everyone:

Books for Conversation lovers:

  • Balbodh Pathmala Part 1, 2, 3 (Available in Hindi, English, Gujarati)
  • Veetrag Vigyan Part 1, 2, 3 (Available in Hindi, English, Gujarati)
  • Tattvagyan Pathmala Part 1, 2 (Available in Hindi, English, Gujarati)

Books for Kids:

Books for Story lovers:

  • Jain Dharm ki Kahaniya Part 1-21
  • Chaubis Tirthankar Mahapuran, Acharya Pushpdant
  • Harivansh Puran, Acharya Jinsen
  • Tirthankar Bhagvan Mahaveer
  • Tirthankar Bhagvan Risbahdev
  • Harivansh Katha
  • Salaka Purush Part-1, 2
  • Aap Kuch Bhi Kaho/  Say Whatever You Might
  • Jan Raha Hu Dekh Raha Hu

Books in Novel Style:

  • In Bhavo Ka Fal Kya Hoga
  • Ram Kahani
  • Satya Ki Khoj/ Discovery of Truth
  • Sanskaar
  • Aise Kya Paap Kiye

Books explaining important concepts of Jainism:

  • Shaakahaar (Read online)
  • Namokar Mahamantra, Pt. Ratanchand Bharill
  • Ahinsa Mahavir Ki Drishti Main/ Nonviolence in the light of mahaveer
  • Anekant Syadwad (Read online)
  • Nimitopadaan (Read online)
  • Dharm ke Das Lakshan
  • Barah Bhavna: Ek Anushilan
  • Krambaddhparyay

Download Books:

Most of the above-mentioned books are available at the following sites:

Online Resources to study Jainism:

Animated Video Stories:

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