Jain Terminology – 1

Since I am fond of writing in English and wish to translate Jainism related topics and stories in English as much as I can, so I thought of not restricting this vocabulary to myself. Let everyone learn the English word of the common words we use in Hindi so that more people can start translating content in English for future generations. Hence, starting this series known as “Jain Terminology”.

This series will have the Hindi word with its corresponding English word. If possible I will provide a short definition of the word as well as references to read more.

Let’s rock & roll to learn something new today.


  • जिनधर्म, जिनशासन, जैन धर्म – Jainism
    The religion of peace, non-violence, non-attachment, and non-absolutism.
  • आत्मा, जीव – Soul
    The one who knows and perceives.
  • तीर्थंकर – Ford-maker
    The one who preaches the right path to liberation and is surrounded by the magnificence of  Samosaran and other glories.
  • जिनवाणी/शास्त्र – Sacred Scriptures (or Scriptures)
    Preachings of Ford-makers which promote the growth of passionlessness directly or indirectly.
  • साधु – Monk
    Those who are without any possessions (internal and external), have attained the right belief and are engrossed in attaining the nature of the soul.
  • रत्नत्रय – Three jewels
    Right faith, right knowledge, and right conduct are three jewels to attain liberation.
  • सम्यक दर्शन – Right Faith
  • सम्यक ज्ञान – Right Knowledge
  • सम्यक चारित्र – Right Conduct
  • मोक्ष – Liberation, Salvation
    The blissful state of existence of a soul, attained after the destruction of all karmic bonds.
  • केवलज्ञान – Omniscience
    The state of knowing everything.
  • मिथ्यात्व – Falsehood
  • हिंसा – Violence
  • अहिंसा – Non-Violence
  • द्रव्य – substance
    The mass of infinite inseparable attributes is called substance.
  • गुण – Attributes, Virtue
    That (quality) which exists in all the parts (spatial units called Pradesh) of the substance and in all its modifications is called attribute.
  • पर्याय – Mode, State
    The manifestation, i.e., functioning part or activity of an attribute is called modification.
  • अजीव – lifeless, non-soul
  • कर्म – Karma
  • दिगंबर – Sky-Clad

I hope this series will help you to learn the vocabulary of Jainism. Do write to me in the comment section about your opinions on this series.


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