Short Story-01: Pandit Ji & Shopkeeper

A long time ago, there was a scholar who lived in Kashi. He was a Jain practitioner.

Once he went to Bombay market to buy steel utensils. At that time, one set of utensils cost 9.5 Anna(1/6th of a rupee). He bargained with the shopkeeper, “Brother, take 2 paise less. Take 9 Anna instead of 9.5 Anna.”

The shopkeeper said, “Pandit Ji! You are taking these utensils for God’s worshipping. God will give you a lot of money, then why are you coveting for 2 paise?”

Pandit Ji was very smart. He thought about giving a logical answer to the shopkeeper. He didn’t say anything, kept the utensils in his bag without giving money and started going from there.

Shopkeeper bewilderingly reminded Pandit Ji, “Huh pandit Ji! Pay the bill please.”

Pandit Ji said, “Brother, I am taking these utensils to worship God. You just said that God will give me much money. I will worship him with your utensils, so he will give money to you also. Then what is the need of taking 9.5 Anna from me?”.

The shopkeeper was impressed with this answer of Pandit Ji. He became inspired by Pandit Ji after listening to this simple and apt denial of God doing something.

Later on, the scholar gave the shopkeeper the money and explained to him, “Brother, God doesn’t do anything to you or me. God has attained real happiness. He doesn’t give anything on worshipping him and does not punish those who denounce him. I also don’t worship God for something. I adore his qualities by worshipping him. I am benefited by the purity of thoughts I attain through it.”

This was Pandit Fulchand Ji Siddhant Shastri from Banaras.

Source: This story is taken from Jain Dharm ki Kahaniya Part-1 written by Br. Shri Haribhai.