Das Lakshan Maha Parv

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Daslakshan Parv or the festival of ten virtues falls thrice in a year:

  • Chaitra Sukla 5 to 14
  • Bhadrapad Sukla 5 to 14
  • Magh Sukla 5 to 14

Most people know that it falls only once in Bhadrapad because it is mainly celebrated at that time.

Why is it celebrated in Bhadrapad mainly?

In the ancient times during the rainy season, business was dull due to the insufficiency of means of communication. Besides this, Jain Saints stay at one place for four months due to increase in micro-organisms. Hence, the availability of a virtuous person and time are the main reason for celebrating this festival in Bhadrapad.

Why is it celebrated?

It is an eternal festival which is not related to any particular person or event. It is one of the great festivals which is related to the sentiments of all living beings. Das Lakshan is related to the soul’s natural qualities which emerge in it as a consequence of the termination of impure modes.

Who can celebrate this festival?

Everyone in the world wants happiness and is afraid of miseries. The emotions like anger,etc. are the reason for all the miseries and are irksome. The virtues like supreme forbearance, etc. are blissful and are the reason for real happiness. For people suffering from miseries and wish to be happy, the ten virtues are highly adorable.

This festival doesn’t belong to any sect. It is meant for all. It is not based on any sectarian thoughts. It has a universal base of relinquishing the impure thoughts and accepting the generous thoughts. This festival is not only of Jains but everyone.

How to celebrate this festival?

  • Learn about the ten virtues and try to implement them in your daily life.
  • Indulge in religious activities like reading Jinvani, thinking about the characteristics of the soul, etc.
  • Remember this festival has come to show you your abilities in terms of spiritual thoughts and activities. So keep following them after the ten days.

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The ten virtues of religion by Dr.H.C. Bharill

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