Pudgal Dravya

Let’s keep this a bit colorful. The world is made of six types of substances:

A picture visualization of these can be:

‘Pudgal” is the second most talked dravya after soul. It posses qualities that it can be touched, tasted, smelled and seen. Since, pudgal has the property of Sparsh(touch), it can be seen by us through eyes. Our five sense organs are defined according to these properties of pudgal.

  • Eye – Color (वर्ण)
  • Skin -Touch (स्पर्श)
  • Tongue – Taste (रस)
  • Nose – Smell (गंध)
  • Ears – Hear (कर्ण)

Though the last point is not always taken for pudgal but whatever we hear through our ears is bhasa vargana, a form of pudgal.

In Hindi,

पुद्ग़ल = पुद् + गल


गल = गलयाति/बिछुड़ना(parting)

The two basic types of non-living matter (pudgal) are formed due to its unifying and parting nature which are:

  • परमाणु (Parmanu)
  • स्कंध (Skandh)

To know the definition of Parmanu, follow this answer.

Skandh is the combination of Parmanu. Whatever you are seeing at this time including the screen is Skandh.

Among six dravyas, only soul(jeev) and pudgal can move from one place to another.

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